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Hello! If you're here, then your life is already on the way to being amazing, because you're doing an event with us. But before that can happen, we want to make sure you and your participants will be able to access the links we send them to throughout the game.

Every webpage we send people to is safe and secure, but occasionally company VPN's will block the pages for reasons we don't totally understand. So, step 1: Make sure you're on your company's VPN so that you can test out how it responds to this page. If you weren't on your VPN when you first visited this webpage, close out your browser, hop on the VPN, then return here.

Can you still see everything? Okay, great.

Step 2: Sometimes, for trivia games, we send people links during the games to webpages containing PDFs they need to view. So here's a link to a PDF containing an example round of trivia. Can you see it? If you can, we're doing good. 

Step 3: One final step. During the game, people will also use a webpage to submit answers. So click on this answer form link and make sure you can see it.  Don't worry, you don't actually need to answer any of the questions, we just want to make sure the technology works.

Step 4: There is no step 4! You're done. However, we realize that now that we've shared that trivia round with you, you may be curious to know the answers. If so, here they are: PDF

See you soon and game on!

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