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In the course of our time running virtual trivia, we have seen many great teams. People with gallons full of knowledge about the absurd and the obscure. Teams whose talents span every category under the sun. But a few have climbed to an even more elite status. Call them the best of the best. And we honor those teams here, in our Hall of Champions.

Winners of our February Tournament of Champions

Schaeffer? I Hardly Know Her!


Our February Tournament of Champions winners were Schaeffer? I hardly Know her! Coming in hot with a hilarious team name, these folks rocked the leaderboard all night. Of course, who could expect otherwise? With both a baby AND a dog on their team they were clearly the all-star team of the evening.

2-2 schaeffer i hardly know her.png

First Solo Winner of a Team Trivia Game


So you think you're good at trivia, huh? You have a great team, right? Well, check out this SOLO TEAM OF ONE! That's right, folks. This on individual, on her own, without the help of friends, family, or google won a team trivia game! Congratulations, Tai!

solo winner.jpg
Tech champs photo.png

Winners of our State-Wide Tech Company Championship

Million Dollah Orche$tra

Ladies and Gentlemen, we offer you the champions of our Tech Company Trivia Tournament: Million Dollah Orche$tra!! They took on teams from the Massachusetts offices of Facebook, Google, Wayfair, LeanIX, Brightcove, Cambridge Semantics, and Mabel and ultimately emerged as the champion- earning the title of brainiest organization in the entire state. We'll be sending them a trophy and making a $250 donation to the charity of their choice! Congratulations!

Winners of our May Tournament of Champions

Schaeffer? I Hardly Know Her!


Our May Tournament of Champions winners were Schaeffer? I hardly Know her! These incredible triviaphiles have now won TWO CONSECUTIVE Tournaments of Champions in a row! Will they keep their seat as the top trivia team or will our next tournament bring their fall from grace? You'll have to sign up for weekly team trivia to find out!

schaefer - ToC.png

Winners of our June Tournament of Champions

Quiz Pro Quo

Our June Tournament of Champions winners are the incredible Quiz Pro Quo! Mercilessly snatching a win from the grasp of our previous month's winner they are now officially the team to beat.

Winners of our Chicago Tech Company Tournament

Wampa Stompas

Our first ever Chicago Tech Tournament Champions were Wampa Stompas! These tech savvy trivia fanatics started out strong and, well, continued to play an incredibly strong trivia game from start to finish. Even our super tough, mind-bending bonus rounds weren't hard enough to slow the down! Congratulations, Wampa Stompas, you are champions among champions! 

Wampa Stompas.png
6-29 toc winners.png
9-22 quarenqueens.png

Winners of our September Tournament of Champions and

our February Tournament of Champions


What is the most impressive kind of champion? The kind that defeats all the other champions.  Twice.  On September 29th, we hosted our first ever Tournament of Champions- a competition between the winners of every game we had hosted over the previous two months, spanning both public and private events. The competition was a tight race featuring a number of great teams, but Quarenqueens nearly ran the table, crushing question after question, bonus round after bonus round for a wire-to-wire victory. Congratulations to our first ever winner of the Tournament of Champions!

3-15-21 Untethered.png

Highest Scoring Team- Regular Season

1. Disgusting Beautiful Garbage Angels (5-10-21) - 148 points

The Disgusting Beautiful Garbage Angels, who regularly play under many different creative team names, has finally unseated our long-time high score after nearly seven months at the top! Regardless of what name they are using this team always shows up and shows out!

 Here are the rest of the top 5 highest scoring champions in Long Distance Trivia history...


2. Quarenqueens (10-26-20) - 147 points 

3. (tie) We Are Untethered And Our Rage Knows No Bounds (3-15-21) - 146 points;

I Like The Rats More Than I Like All Of You (5-25-21) - 146 points; Quaranqueens (5-31-21) - 146 points

9-22 quarenqueens.png

Highest Scoring Team- Tournament of Champions Competitions

1. Quarenqueens- 146 points

We now have three Tournaments of Champions under our belt, but the winner of our first Tournament is holding steady atop the leaderboard for most points scored in a Tournament of Champions, truly a hard team to dethrone. After all, 146 points isn't just the most points scored in one of these games, it's the second-most points scored in any competition in Long Distance Trivia history!

2. Schaefer? I Hardly Know Her!- 143 points

3. Tommy Doyle's Originals- 142 points

4. Watermelon Sugar Hybrid Learning- 142 points

5. Schaeffer? I Hardly Know Her! - 133 points

Most Trivia Victories- Regular Season

Quarenqueens- 27 wins (9-21, 10-5, 10-19, 10-26, 11-2, 11-9, 12-21, 12-28, 1-4, 1-11, 3-1, 3-29, 4-19. 4-26, 5-17, 5-31, 6-7, 6-14, 6-21, 7-12, 7-26, 8-23, 9-27, 10-4, 10-11, 10-25, 11-1, 2-28)

Smoke that Skin Wagon/Toby's Grundle/Taco Corps/TB Blues/I Can Smell It in My Mouth/We Are Untethered and Our Rage Knows No Bounds/Squeezable Indoor Bodies/Disgusting Beautiful Garbage Angels/I Like The Rats More Than I Like All Of You (8-31, 9-7,10-12, 11-23, 3-8, 3-15, 3-22, 5-3, 5-10, 5-25)

We've been at this for four months so far, and two teams keep dominating the leaderboard. One is Quarenqueens, whose name is all over this Hall of Champions. The second (whose name is ever-changing from week to week) is a mere team of two: Katie and Keith. Multiple times now, they have beaten a dozen or so teams of 4-6 players to take down first place. 

8-31-20 600 game.png
12-14 great white buffaloes.png

Most Consecutive Trivia Wins

1. Quarenqueens- 4 Consecutive Weeks (12-21, 12-8, 1-4, 1-11)

2. (tie) Schaeffer? I Hardly Know Her! - 3 Consecutive Weeks (2-1, 2-8, 2-15) and Long Distance Drinking/I Am Asking You Again to Be My Valentine/Ash Wednargsday (2-3, 2-10, 2-17)

3. (tie) Great White Buffaloes - 2 Consecutive Weeks (12-7, 12-14) and I Can Smell It In My Mouth/We Are Untethered and Our Rage Knows No Bounds - 2 Consecutive Weeks (3-8, 3-15)

It's hard to conceive of a team that could excel in so many ways when simply playing trivia online with the friends, but we assure you the Quarenqueens are mind-bogglingly incredible. They also hold the title of most consecutive trivia wins! Kinda makes you want to sign up your own team and see if you can beat them, doesn't it?

Inaugural Long Distance Family Feud Champions

Chi Towns Finest


On October 7th, 2020, Long Distance Trivia broke out of the trivia mold and blasted onto the Family Feud scene (a game definitely not based on copywritten material)! A day sure to be mentioned in all the history books about virtual online competitions in the age of Covid-19, we will remember forever through this championship web page. Congratulations to Chi Towns Finest for being the first to be the best at guessing the answer the most people gave in a survey we conducted ourselves through our email mailing list.

chi towns finest.png
8-20-20 week 1 game 1 800.png

Inaugural Long Distance Trivia Champions

Quentin Quarantino

On August 19th, 2020, Long Distance Trivia was launched. That day will forever be a special day in the timeline of this organization, and that day's winners will, as such, be a part of our history forever. Congratulations to Quentin Quarantino who blended knowledge from across generations to take down the first ever LDT competition.

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